I want to see your style.  No matter how crazy or simple it may be. You are an individual and there is no one in the world like you; That is what makes you (and your style) so beautiful. What is your style? It is a reflection of your personality through the clothing that makes you FEEL good.

Often times, individual style is shunned and criticized because it’s “different” or “weird”.  However, you should never give up your individual style because of these nasty opinions. I know that it is almost impossible to let the comments roll off your back, so I have a solution for you. Make fun of yourself. “WHAT?” you are probably wondering. This doesn’t seem like a solution but rather a counterproductive action. However, its not. Why? Because admitting that you may look a little silly in that neon green tutu allows you not take yourself as serious as you would tend to do. By not taking yourself too seriously, then you wont take other opinions about yourself so seriously. Fashion IS funny and we forget that too often.

On Lyons Feel, I have made fun of my looks (in good humor) bringing positive attention to my style. This has done wonders for my self esteem, allowing me to have the courage to wear what I want. So far, my goal has been to inspire girls to do the same. Now, in honor of Anti-bullying month, I am asking for you to take action. I would love for you to share an outfit(s) here on Your Feel. I want to see outfit that makes you feel good even if its not the  most “normal”. Feel free (if you’re up to it) to throw a few jokes in! Because you and your style are beautiful and deserve to be praised.

Courtney Lyons

(September 29th, 2014)