Knight in Shinning Armor

You know how the age-old-tale goes. A princess is locked away in a tower and a knight comes to rescue the princess. There is love at first sight, some weird evil being that tries to get in the way of said love, but fails; then marriage follows.

I've seen every princess movie, I know my stuff.

It is the expectation that a knight in shining armor must come and rescue the princess from the tower. While this expectation is usually associated with fairytales, there is also some sort of prevailing notion that women cannot be happy without a man to come and "rescue" them.

As people are not regularly locked up in towers, the rescuing of today is primarily of a metaphorical sense asides from the occasional Marisa Cooper/Ryan Atwood sort of situation, O.C. style.

But seriously, "waiting for your night in shining armor to come" just isn't realistic. If I were locked up in a tower for years, I would have managed to pick the lock or dig a hole in order to escape. I may be a princess, but I am not an incompetent idiot!

Its 2015, god damnit! Who has the patience to wait for a knight to get his shit together and come "save" you?

No one.

So thats why I propose you be your own Knight in the most shiniest of armor. 

By pairing this metallic beaded knit tunic (armor, if you will) with a collared shirt and loafers, the look became more masculine. 

Then, getting a little "Knotty" with my hair, the look took a turn for the punk side. 

This look perfectly blurred the lines between masculinity and femininity, symbolizing the fact that both women and men are capable of saving themselves. 

Save yourself, don't wait for a loser in tinfoil...

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons