Compulsive Layering Disorder

Just picture this-It is an important day and you need the perfect outfit.

More clothing is tossed on your floor than is hanging your closet. You look at the clock; fourteen minutes until you have to be out of the house. With every tick-tock, you begin to sweat more. You start to panic. Why did you let yourself sleep in? Why did you think it would be alright to wear that poncho? Too loud and ill fitting! Why did you waste time trying on that orange dress? You are not a muppet! 

You frantically start to pick up clothes. Okay, that tulle skirt looked good the last time you wore it. You throw it on. White button down? Sweater? Jean jackets are always a classic, right? A Scarf? What if its cold? What if it is hot? Sneakers? Earrings? Cross body or clutch? Necklace? You put them all on just to be sure. You look at the clock again; three minutes left. Shoot! you need to brush your teeth! Your hair is still wet! Makeup? There is no time! 

You sprint out of the house with one minute to spare. Hey, you did it! You're feeling great about yourself until you look down. Who the hell put this outfit together?! Is that only one earring!? And your hair!! 

We've all been there. 

For me, it was when I was meeting (my now good friend) Luke Meagher of Haute Le Mode. This was going to be my first real photo shoot and I panicked. I ended up looking like a homeless lady! How appropriate was it that Central park was the back drop?

If anyone else had took pictures of this disaster, I would have never posted them here on Lyons Feel. But because Luke is so talented and he spent so much time doing this for me, I couldn't resist! 

Let this outfit be a warning to you- Never press snooze on your alarm! 

yes thats a christmas tree.

yes thats a christmas tree.


Until next time xx



Courtney Lyons