Sarongonator 3000

*This is to be read in the voice of a late night TV sales person or else it will make no sense *

*Sarongonator 3000 is not a real thing, so therefor, you can not purchase it* 

Are you down?

Maybe feeling blue?

Can't find a way to spice up that outfit of yours? 

Well do I have a solution for you, my friend! 

Put a Sarong on it!

Whats a sarong, you might ask.


  1. a garment consisting of a long piece of cloth worn wrapped around the body and tucked at the waist or under the armpits, traditionally worn in Southeast Asia and now also by women in the West 

However, you don't have to be traditional! Wear the Sarongonator 3000!!! The newest and coolest sarong with all the same great qualities of a sarong, just with a cooler name! 

Wear it in Northeast and Southwest! Wear it in the spring, the summer, winter and fall. Wear it to work, to school, to the hospital when you birth your first child; its truly multifunctional! 

Want proof? Heres are pictures from a very real, walkin' and talkin' satisfied customer!


Simply amazing what adding a simple piece of cloth can do!!

And it can be yours right now for $19.99 if you call this number right now...

1 (800)-SARONGONATOR-3000

Again this wonderful Sarongonator can be yours for the small payment of $19.99 if you call this number right now...

1 (800)-SARONGONATOR-3000

Shipping and handling not included.

Until next time xx

Courtney Lyons

Courtney Lyons