Summer at Parsons

Waking up at 6am every day to get dressed for school doesn't seem like a very enjoyable way to spend one's summer. However, what if I told you that you are not waking up to snooze through a class about trigonometric functions or intermolecular forces? What if I told you that today in class you will be dancing to exhilarating latin music as you quickly sketch the many poses of the tutu-wearing-model in front of you? What if I told you your professor will then take you on field trip to a museum containing a fully functional neon arcade? And finally, what if I told you that for homework you're going shopping. 

Not only does this seem enjoyable but rather makes sleeping look like a waste of time. This, my friends, is what taking a summer course at Parsons School of Design is like. 

This past summer, I had the pleasure of attending one of the world's most prestigious design schools. Parsons School of Design has fostered the minds of some of the world's greatest designers including Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Alexander Wang.

During my time at parsons I attended the Fashion Design Communication course. Here I was taught "how concepts in fashion can be communicated and promoted creatively through styling, photography, graphics, trend spotting, and branding." 

In the three week intensive course, we had to design a collection of our choice using New York City as our inspiration. Using this collection, we were then required to figure out the logistics of how our collection would be marketed. These collections as well as our inspiration and research were to be accumulated in a booklet that would be handed in as our final project. 

I decided on a Fall/Winter womenswear line that represented New York City from the street. My inspiration included the colorful graffiti, building facades and even garbage unique to New York City. For the composition of my collection, pieces were to be constructed with eco-friendly recycled  fabrics as well as new innovative techno fabrics. 

To help aid us in our main project we were taught new skills in sketching, design construction and photoshop. There were field trips to fabric stores and museums well as styling projects and branding lectures. 

On the final day, every students work was presented. Not only was I able to see my fellow fashion student's talent but also walk around to see the brilliant work created through photography, painting and even video game design. 

At Parsons I met people from around the world. I was able to learn and develop as a designer and as a student. My horizons were expanded I was able to see New York City, my home, from a completely new perspective.  

Until next time xx

Courtney Lyons 

Courtney Lyons