Bet on Nanette

Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to walk in 5 inch flat-forms on a cobblestone road? For emphasis, I am going to answer my rhetorical question- it is very difficult. So difficult it's a skill. A skill that I would like to believe I mastered as I stumbled down Broome street making my way to the Nannette Lepore Boutique. I didn't know what to expect from Nanette Lepore as I was guest blogging for the lovely Esther Santer ( Louboutins and Love) and had never been to a Nannette presentation before. Upon entering the boutique the energy was electric. However, Instead of a typical fashion show, there was a party being carried out. Nanette had filled the space with art by Stefan Eins, music by Tiki Disco and models wearing the new Nanette Lepore Spring/Summer '16 collection.  Nannette had managed to beautifully orchestrate a sense of "inside out" in her collection. Pieces were either bright and full of electric colors or more detailed and monochromatic. Some pieces even included a collaboration with Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy and had phrases embroidered on them for a fun and youthful twist. However, All pieces were perfectly strung together by Nanette's signature gyspy-like aesthetic. People danced, admired the beautiful collection and snapped pictures. I was even lucky enough to meet cast members of Orange is the New Black ! By the end of the night Nanette and all the models spontaneously turned into a giant Congo Line perfectly representing how fun and carefree the collection was! 

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons