Nail Art for People Who Don't Do Nail Art

If you're like me, painting your own nails is a daunting task. No matter how hard I try, when working with my left hand (I'm a righty), I always manage to miss my nail and get nail polish all over on my skin. 

So, as you can imagine, nail art is even more of a challenge. However, after years of trial and error (and error and error), I have figured out a relatively foolproof method for doing nail art!


Step 1: File your nails to your desired length and prep your nails with a base coat. 


Step 2: Pick your colors.

I tend to stay away from contrasting colors and lean towards different shades of the same color. For this tutorial I am using Essie's "bikini so teeny" and "style cartel" for a fun pop. 

Step 3: Cut out ten one-inch, square pieces of Scotch tape. Then, proceed to cut out one corner of each piece of tape in a curved style. 

I like to cut five of the strips in on the right side in one direction and then the other five on the left side to create a mirror-like illusion on my nails. 

Step 4: Set your tape strips aside and paint your nails with a foundation color. 


Step 5: After letting your nails dry completely, place the tape strips over your nails.

For best results, dull the tape strips before sticking them on so they don't take off or smudge the paint. 

Step 6: Using a new color, paint over the area of your nails left exposed by the tape. 


Step 7: Let your nails dry, peel off the tape, and enjoy! 

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons