LYONS FEEL Mission STatement 

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I originally started this blog as a window into “my life of fashion, food, fitness and more.”

As I sit here now, smelling the disheartening stench of burnt chocolate chip cookies, I have decided to forgo that plan.

If you haven’t noticed, I am in no condition to write about cooking. And the fact that I’m making chocolate chip cookies also indicates I’m probably not the best for health/fitness advice either. 

After crossing these two topics off the list, I am currently doubting whether I even should have started a blog in the first place.  

But as I look down at my outfit, which in my opinion is a pretty superb composition of Denim, stripes and gangster-esq gold bling, I remember exactly why I made Lyonsfeel.

The fashion, man, the fashion!

In what other way could I possibly explain the absurdity of my day to day outfits? Or provide evidence as to how they actually are on trend? Only here, on Lyons Feel.

So I, Courtney Lyons, at the eleventh hour (literally) on May the second of two thousand fourteen, have decided to reconstruct the purpose of Lyons Feel. 

Here is what I told Couturesque magazine which has since become my mission statement…

“Every day I wear a different outfit to school. Every day that outfit is what I want to wear, even if it is not your run-of-the-mill high school attire. Some people love what I wear, while others have no problem openly ridiculing my outfits. Instead of letting the harassment get to me, I decided to not pay attention to them and beat them to it. I know my outfits can be ridiculous at times, so I make fun of myself leaving them with nothing to say. In this situation, I hold the power and for me it is all in good humor. Not allowing other peoples opinions to get in my way has given me more confidence. Unfortunately, not every girl is able to do this and that is why I created the blog. I want girls to know that it is okay to wear whatever you want and that you shouldn’t let anyones opinion get in your way. But I also want girls to know that they should never take themselves too seriously and that its okay to joke about clothes. Fashion is funny! So on Lyons Feel I blog about my style with a trace of humor, hoping to inspire girls all over to wear what they want.”


Courtney Lyons