Lyons x Coleman: Take Two

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting, once again, with the immensely talented Katherine Coleman. Accidentally stumbling across an open door, we found ourselves in an abandoned warehouse. Asides from the broken glass and the occasional gaping hole in the ground, the location proved to be perfect, providing us with an abundance of light and color. Not knowing where we would be shooting, I had gotten dressed that morning in a cowboy-like manner: vintage oversized Levis, a silk scarf arranged like a bandana and some ankle booties. In hindsight, cowboys and warehouses do not seem like an obvious mix, however the colorful graffiti complemented the basic tones of my outfit and created a perfect unpolished feel. Katherine was able to capture it all...

We brought along our friends Nick, Lizzie and Delucia and made the absolute most of our accidental location. 

Until next time xx



Courtney Lyons