Johanna Wolfgram

Name: Johanna Wolfgram

Age: 14

Why this look makes you feel good: I don't really get a lot of chances to really express my personal style, as current time is a struggle and I'm broke. But, sometimes I get inspiration from clothing I bought a long time ago for a special occasion, and I add it in with other daily things I wear all the time to really make myself more confident. I'm genderfluid, so sometimes I wake up feeling really feminine, sometimes I feel like dressing kind of boyish, and sometimes I simply don't care. I once tweeted Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix saying, "You've inspired me to say f*ck you, to gender rules. I want to start trying out men's fashion. Please open a clothing line," and he replied saying "YESSS" and encouraged me to really go for it. I felt a lot of support from fellow pentaholics and people like me. I've never felt closeted, or ashamed of who I am. So, this look was inspired by Mitch Grassi's style. It's always what I've felt really comfortable in when I feel more boyish. 

If someone tells you that your heart, your personality, or your gifts are wrong, or they shouldn't be expressed, remember that their voice is nothing compared to yours. You feel how you feel. F*** everybody else.


Social Media Accounts: wolfyderangio

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