Anak Butrón

Name: Anak Butrón

Country: Canada/Peru 

Age: 16

Instagram: thebalancingunicorn



"I was about to submit an outfit where I just so happened to be dolled up, dress, and was wearing the typical "I can’t walk in these" heels. Then I remembered, this is not what Your Feel is about. Your Feels is about feeling you, not that in that outfit I wasn’t representing the very essence of who Anak is but was I really going to comfortably do all the things that I do on a regular basis such as run around like a crazy monster, dance in the street and all those things that in general requiere movement in fabulous shoes that unfortunately I had to change into sandals in after fifteen minutes? The pictures above/below (I don’t know how the set up is going to be, HAHA) simply show me feeling good. I’m not very good at clearly explaining things but I don’t know if you have ever been in an experience where you feel happy with yourself and have the tendency to exclaim so good! 50 times at anything that happens during your day even if that little thing happens to be smelling 50 bottles of hand cream at L’Occitane; something that did happen on the day these pictures where taken. Whether it was the clothes, the shoes, the memories, or the haircut I got on that day, the immediate thought that pops into my brain thinking about the time I wore this outfit is so good!”

Courtney Lyons