One Sunday awhile back, I decided that I was in an altruistic mood and could donate a few hours I had reserved for studying to go have brunch with my grandma in her retirement home.

Was it a form of procrastination? Yes. However, I do love to visit my grandma quite frequently because of her ever-positive attitude on life as well as her giant closet(s) full of vintage treasures for me to explore. 

Upon my arrival, I waited for my grandmother in the lobby. I was sitting there enjoying my new monstrosity of a phone (I'm sure you can figure out which one it is), when something caught my attention. 

A man.

Nooooo, not like that! An OLD man, in his late eighties.

Obviously, It was not the fact he was an old man that surprised me. It was the fact he had on a pair of fresh-ass high wasted jeans, a breton stripe sweater and a pair of taupe, suede bucks that made me take a second look. 

As I looked down I examined my own lack-there-of-a-look, I realized that this gramps was better dressed than me! As my visit continued, I realized most of the old men were better dressed than me. 

Could it be that the cat's pajamas (oh yes I did just say that) of fashion inspirations have been spending a lot of time in their very own pajamas, eating jello and playing bingo right under our noses this entire time? 

Maybe not. 

I was losing myself in the world of Intsagramming when I came across an account completely dedicated to the sartorial inspiration of Grandpas. Thats right, Fashion Grandpas

Turns out, I have been completely oblivious to Grampsiration for quite awhile. 

So I couldn't help but make up for some lost time and  take a grandpa -inspired look out for a spin. 

A short sleeve button down paired with a pair of olive green cargo pants seemed like the way to go. I paired the duo with more feminine accessories such as a black gladiator heels and a handbag. 

Of course, what would this outfit be without the baseball cap, the signature receding hairline coverup of grandpas all over. 

I guess you can say this look never gets old.

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons