The 70's Called... and not on an IPhone

How has it come to the point where the vast majority of the human race can simply use numbers 4,5 and 6, and their homo sapien associates automatically understand that the topic of conversation is not of a numerical variety but rather that of Iphones? 

Or that you need not introduce yourself because I know all about you and the fact you have two brothers, wore a red dress to your uncles wedding and went to Miami for Thanksgiving all thanks to following your Instagram?

It seems to me, a child birthed into era of technology who gladly received her first cell phone at age 9, that the quality of life has improved with technology. 

Granted that at this very second I am writing, not on paper, but on a blog (a term that would never have come about without the rise of technology) that I have created and run all by myself all on a computer, I might be a little biased.  

Memories of having to pull over and actually ask for directions rather than summon for Siri come back to haunt me when I think of a time prior to Gigabytes.

Or when that actor's name that you couldn't remember would pester you for weeks rather than a few seconds while your thumbs viscously you googled it. 

But then again, when did "googled" become one of the most commonly used verbs?

And when did kids start to opt to run mazes on their iPads rather than run free outside?

As children of the 70's, my parents will tell you that technology is doing us all a disservice. But they don't know how to use Instagram, so how right can they be? Right?

Well to their credit, ever since my 11 year old sister (the last on in her class to receive an iPhone)  acquired her first phone, the only conversations anyone has been able to have with her are through snap chat. She is also fat now.

No phones, no emails no worries, right? Maybe things would be more simple if we did go back to the way of the 70's.

Alas, because society has only been able to provide (countless) media renditions of time machines and not an actual one, it is indisputably impossible to return to the 70's.

Well, not entirely... 

Here comes the cliche fashion blogger line... If you want to be something, dress like it! 

Well in this case, if you want to be somewhere, dress as you would if you were there!

Feel free too punch me in that face after that line!

Floral prints scattered across a long sleeve romper paired with a vintage jean jacket, a vintage Panama hat and suede bucks come together to produce a portal back to the Seventies. 

However, for the utmost 70's ensemble, I went a step further. Frizzed hair, oversized (faux) fur jacket, a bright printed shift dress and a shit ton of costume jewelry created a full blown American Hustle look. 

Okay, okay, I know. Dressing like I'm from the 70's isn't going to pull me from the world we live in. As cool as it would be to toss my phone in a Parisian fountain Devil-Wears-Prada Style, thats just not realistic anymore. I would probably be dangerous even. By cutting off my phone, I might start to feel my hip bones buzz even with absence of phone. Before I know it the whole world will be buzzing! 


But what 70's dressing will do is remind you of a time when people got by without the help of Instagram (gasp!). It will remind you to put down your phone every once and awhile and actually watch where you are walking. Maybe go to a concert and not hold your phone up the whole time? 

However, No matter how much technology you forgo, you are not allowed to abandon!!!

Until next time xx



Courtney Lyons