Cruella De Vil

We dont give Cruella Dev Vil enough credit.

Sure, she is a fictional Disney villain whose name is the result of some author getting lazy and feminizing the words cruel and devil.

And sure, she is probably the most uncreative villain out there. I mean she has every single negative attribute a person could have. She’s boney, old, has a bad hair dye job and is a chain smoker. And if don’t hate her yet, she also has the desire to kill innocent puppies. 

But as I said before, lets cut her some slack. I mean if I had to deal with 101 puppies constantly whimpering at three a.m, I would probably turn them in to a nice, quiet fur coat too.

Kidding, totally kidding, I love puppies! 

But actually, the lady has a theme song, so she has got to be doing something right. Right?

She is literally the most chic villain out there. Rocking a sleek black gown that complements her ever-so-tall-and-thin model physique, tied together with her signature fur coat. Quite honestly, no one rocks an oversized fur coat better than Cruella (not even you Macklemore).

So in devilish manner (or would it be De Vil-ish?), I decided to pull out my biggest, fluffiest (faux incase you were wondering), fur jacket. 

I went for an all black (of coarse) look. The coat was paired with my favorite, casual LBD and Chelsea boots. I sort of added a little asian-fusion into the mix by styling the coat in a kimono-esq fashion.  

To top it all off (literally) I tied the look together with a bun. 

So PETA please, do not attack me from this article, or my next statement…

But I think we all can learn a little something from ms. Cruella and her evil, fur wearing ways. 

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons