Orange you glad?

Think about the things in life that repel you.

A fire, for instance, in most cases would drive you away. Fruit and vegetables, being that they were practically forced down your throat by your mother at one point in your life, are not a very inviting snack. And lastly traffic cones, the universal sign for “you need to go away”. 

Why am I talking about what repels you?  What do all of these things things have in common?

Well, why are you asking so many questions?

If you must know, with the exception of some fruits and vegetables, all of these things are, in fact, orange. 

Oh yes, orange. Poor old orange.

Last time I checked, orange was no ones favorite color. Out of all the colors in the rainbow, orange is statistically shown to be the least worn. But why? Because very simply, along side the reasons I have previously given, no one want to look like a walking highlighter.  

But poor orange doesn’t mean to be that way. The poor guy can’t help the fact he is so bright and out there. It just automatically drives people away! 

Come on guys, we can’t forget about the good things that are orange. Orange is the color of the juice you drink on saturday mornings. Its the color of the sunset and cute baby tigers. And best of all orange is the color of the shopping bag you receive once you make you oh-so-wallet-breaking purchase at the magical place known as Hermes. 

Orange can, in fact, be worn.

How? Let me show you…

I paired my orange dress with a ridiculous amount of gold jewelry. I did this because I love me some gold, and it sticks to the whole warm color pallet I was going for. 

With my hair up in a pony tail and sneakers on, the look took on a more athletic feel which is appropriate considering orange is also the color of the nike logo (you go orange, another good thing!). 

This look proves that orange doesn’t have to be a repellent. Sure it may be bright and the “warmest” color of them all. But who doesn’t want to be bright and warm.

So I say stand out and go for orange!

Until next time xx 


Courtney Lyons