The Blank Canvas

It’s a sunday and you’re bored. You’ve grown tired of online shopping. The TV is just not doing it for you any more and cleaning….yeah, like that would happen. 

But you’re a good person, right? And your time is valuable.  So you want to be productive.

Because of this, you turn to the ever-so-neglected craft corner and dig up what you can find. There are scattered, dried out paints, Glitter and a old, blank canvas. 

Just as you were about to go all Jackson Pollack on that canvas, you stop yourself. Its so white and clean; crisp even. And here you are a human, inevitably always going to make mistakes, about to mess that up. But of coarse, you don’t stop yourself because you are bored and this is better than vacuuming. 

However, once the paint is not only on every inch of that canvas, but every inch of you as well, you regret ever ruining that canvas in the first place. What you made is not art! The cavas as blank as it was before was more art than this! 

And that is exactly my point. 

We all should take some time to appreciate the blank canvas.

What is “the blank canvas” you ask?

It’s how still the pool is before we jump in. It’s our white jeans before ketchup spills out from the end of our hotdog right on to the one part of your lap that the napkin isn’t covering.

It is the nice condition of something before we as humans go in and mess it up. 

Do you ever just want to stay in that “before” time when things were good? 

I know I sometimes do, but because there is no possible way to go back  in time (way to fail me humankind), the closest way is to dress, well, like a blank canvas. 

No other color could be used to portray a blank, simple canvas better than white. So I (obviously) paired this simple, white shift dress with white tennis sneakers. 

The look was blocky and simplistic and that was nice at first. 

But just as I couldn’t help from spilling ketchup, I couldn’t help but add some wacky jewelry and a green satin blouse (seen in some pictures).

Because in life things are always going to go unplanned. As hard as we try to stay in a comfortable state of being, mistakes will always be made. And whether we like it or not color will always be added to our blank canvas.

But thats ok because life would be a humdrum existence without color. 

Except the red color the ketchup left on my white jeans. That one  I can do without! 

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons