A New Type of Suit For the City

Its 93˚ out on a Tuesday in mid July. You’re sitting in a poorly air-conditioned room in the middle of New York City longing for the beach but knowing that you’ll probably not get to it until the end of August. Not to mention that the Australian bikini that you had spent $200 on this past February is still hanging in your closet, unworn.

As the sweat trickles down the sides of your body, it begins to stick to your button down shirt, causing the sweat stains under your arms to grow larger and larger. When it gets to the point where you can no longer raise your arms, you become angry. Angry at your arm pits. Angry at your formfitting, heat-concealing button down shirt. But most of all, you are angry because of the fact that in that moment you are not in a bikini, at the beach, sipping on a nice ice-cold lemonade.

But who says just because your not at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t wear a bikini. 

Nothing says summer like a bathing suit in public. I paired the bikini top with a pair of light, high-waisted lace shorts (no bikini bottom, I have had one too many ice cream sandwiches this week to show all that skin). By wearing high-waisted shorts, the look can becomes a little (note little) more conservative because less of your torso will be shown.

As for the shoe, nothing says summer like a sandal. I chose a pair of boxy, leather Birkinstocks to correlate with shapes in the bikini top and to contrast with the lace shorts. The best part is that these open toed babies let your feet breath even in the hottest of cities.

Even though all the pieces are each individually beachy, when worn in black they gain an urban vibe appropriate for the streets New York City.

This look will keep you cool and chic even on the hottest of days. 

Just goes to show you that the beach isn’t always necessary to wear a bikini. However, an ice cold lemonade is…

Until next time xx