If I am bird then where is Ryan?

The Notebook. 

A 10 year old movie that is still being regarded as “like, the best movie ever” by 12 year old girls all over the world. I, having always preferred horror movies to romantic dramas, was bullied into watching the movie for the first time only last week. 

The story was cute, I’ll give you that. And the fact that basically 1/4 of the 123 minute movie was Ryan Gosling without a shirt on definitely helped its case.  However, I couldn’t shake the fact that a lot of weird shit went on in the movie that no one paid attention too because they were too focused on the overlaying plot… and again, well, shirtless Ryan Gosling ;)

But for example, lets take the scene where Ali (Rachel McAdams) and Noah (Ryan Gosling) are in playing in the ocean.

At first it’s cute, Ali splashes around discussing hinduism , Noah looks at her with so much love, pretty normal right? Then out of nowhere Ali starts doing this weird satanic, tribal dance and starts to flap her arms demanding Noah to tell her she is a bird. After much persistence, Ali finally gets Noah to tell her she is a bird, but what a surprise, she is still not satisfied. She then insists for him to say that he too is a bird. At this point, If I were Noah, I would have dumped the crazy bitch and moved on to the next midi-skirt-wearing southern bell. But of course, thats not how things go. Noah admits he’s a bird, and says “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird” they end up kissing. 

I don’t know about you but I just don’t think that would happen.

So because acting like a bird landed Ali someone as beautiful as Mr. Ryan Gosling himself, rather than driving him away, I decided to try my luck with it. 

I took an old black sweater and combined it with a black feathered boa left over from one of my moms many “29 and thats how old i’ll ever be” birthday parties. I cut the boa in half and sewed it onto the sleeves of the sweater creating a sort of “wing” look. I then paired “bird sweater” with metallic black shorts to contrast with the whole softness of the feathers. 

…So wheres Ryan? 

Until next time xx

Courtney Lyons