Joan Ranger for Life

Ironic isn’t it?

That I, a fashion blogger whose sole purpose is to discourage bullying of fashion, is crying over the death of a woman who is often described as THE fashion bully . 

Rude, controversial and downright mean were a some of the adjectives that people used to describe Miss Rivers. However, those where only some of the adjectives. 

Because Joan was more than that.  

Right about now, I could go into a full essay repeating the same stuff about her life that you have heard on the news these past two days, but I wont do that.

Why? Because this is my blog god damnit!

And in all seriousness, I would like to explain why I am crying over a woman I never even had the chance to meet. 

For me, Joan was an inspiration.


Because Joan had balls. Thats right, balls. 

Although I didn’t always agree with what she would say, Joan was always able to speak her mind; even at a time when women weren’t commonly seen doing so. 

She was a pioneer of comedy, who used her humour to display her love of fashion. Joan reminded us all how funny fashion can be. So funny, that my dad would miss NBA games to come and watch Fashion Police with me every Friday night.

But most Importantly, Joan proved to us all that life is too short to take ourselves as serious as we tend to. 

Just as quick as she was to make a comment about a celebrity or politician, she was just as quick to make fun of herself. 

By taking ourselves too seriously, we allow other peoples negative words have an effect on us. However, by being able to admit that we make mistakes and can be ridiculous at times, we become confident within ourselves. 

Joan used comedy to convey confidence within herself; as well as inspiring all of us to do the same. 

So in true Joan spirit, I have to decided to end this post the only way she would have wanted it to end, with a laugh. 

Because there are to many to fit in one post, here is a link to some of Joan’s best one liners.

Joan, you will be missed. 

Until next time xx 


Courtney Lyons