My B(lazer)est friend

Man, I love friends!

Don’t you?

Especially that particular kind of friend who is always there for you. Yeah, you know the one…

The one who shows off your best side and covers your worst. The one who is neutral enough to go along with everything, while always keeping things interesting. She can be edgy while at the same time play it totally safe. You can bring her shopping, to work, to school-hell, you can even bring her on a first date! She always picks up your shoulders when you’re down and helps you to be the most polished version of yourself possible. And did I mention that men love her?

She really excels in every category there is of friendship. That is, except for one thing- Her friendship may or may not cost a small fee of $150+ dollars..

If at this very moment, you believe that I am a sad person who can only make friends through the process of purchasing them, then I understand where you’re coming from. But I insist that you hear me explain who she is before you proceed with these thoughts.

For starters, she is technically not a “she” at all but rather a synthetic resin of polymer units linked together by ester groups to take the form of a marvelously crafted abiotic being that lives (or actually doesn’t live at all) in my closet.

Translation to English- I’m talking about an article of clothing. A blazer, to be precise.

But not just any blazer -my blazer. The last blazer on the rack, whom fit me like a glove, and intoxicated me with feelings of infatuation to the point of which where I could not physically help but spend every last cent I had on it. 

You have to understand the circumstances!

I was young and stupid, and never being in love prior to this blazer, I was blindsided by the tag that read only $150 marked down from its original $480! Things moved so fast and before I knew it, I was walking out of the store blazer in hand ( or in bag in, in hand but you get the point), wallet empty. 

Okay, okay, not the most fiscally responsible decision but it was 100% worth it.

I believe every women should have her very own fits-like-a-glove-go-to blazer. Blazers, as I said before, aren’t just any jacket, they are an investment, nay, a best friend. They’ll do anything for you! Just think of everything you can wear with them, wear them to, or wear them on! Everything, Everywhere, Everyone! 

And if at this point I still have not sold you on the exorbitant amount of capabilities that each and every blazer possesses, then maybe this outfit will… 


Because blazers are typically menswear, I decided to dress like a boy… but an interesting boy…who wears chokers.

 All black as usual, I gave silk pants a men’s sweat pant vibe by pinning them below the knee for a slouchy genie-like silhouette. Because I wanted to emphasis the blazer itself, I didn’t really wear a top. Okay, okay, I wasn’t naked; I did wear an black bandeau underneath, so calm down mom! To add a little brightness, I took an old pair of orange sneakers and spray painted them white for a very art-deco vibe. 

This blazer easily turned what could have mistakenly made me look like I was apart of Aladin on Broadway into a chic mens-wear inspire look. 

See! Only a friend (who is a blazer) can do that!

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons