Conservative: A Poem by me

 As my deadline for this story is later tonight,

I thought I just might,

 write a poem for your delight.

 You see poetry does not come easy to me, 

The rhyming just might make me clinically crazy.

Hahahahaha; I am just kidding. My rhyming is god awful. 

Therefore, I'm going to do a different type of poetry. One that requires less work because as seen in the passage above I am no Shakespeare, and like I said this story is due... so here is a haiku. (please tell me you picked up on the writing in the last line!) 

Long Kilt, Turtleneck 

Mother tells me I look bad 

I like it anyway 


Yay for primitive level literature that is simultaneously complex!  

Until next time, 


Courtney Lyons