Thanks Dad

We get a lot of things from our fathers.

For most, its usually the shape of our noses, our double X (or XY) chromosomes and unconditional love.

Of the abundance of things we receive from our padres, his hand-me-down usually do not make the list.

Well of course they don't! The are reasonably larger, and made for, well, middle age men. 

But may I be bold for a mere smidgen of second and challenge my previous statement;
Why can't we borrow clothes from our fathers?

From a legal perspective, there is no law saying that we can't. From an ethical perspective, recycling clothing helps out the environment.

Fashion is all about irony. And right now, I can't think of anything more ironic than a sixteen (ok, fifteen) year old girl prancing around in a suit previously inhabited by a fifty-two year old man.

So lets be ironic, shall we?

I took one of my dads old suits and removed the shoulder pads. With little nips and tucks and whole lot of clothes pins, I managed to tailor the suit into my size. With some tennis sneakers and faux diamonds, the look was good to go.

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons