The Magic of a Large White Button Down

The most heart breaking news I received as a child was learning that Santa isn't real.

I was nine years old at the time and it was my 86 year old Grandmother who had accidentally spilled the beans. Of course, I had my own doubts about a man who was able to slide down two billion chimneys delivering presents in a single night. While logistically Santa did not make sense, it was my faith magic that kept me believing. Once I found out the truth, I began to cry. I didn't cry because I was sad my parents lied, nor did I cry because I was afraid I would no longer receive Christmas presents.  I cried because that is when I stopped believing in magic. 

That was until recently, when I discovered that magic really does exist. However, magic doesn't come in the form of a gift bearing man or a tooth collecting fairy.

Magic comes in the form of large white button down shirt

"Quoi??" you are most likely exclaiming if you, like me, wish to provide the illusion you are fluent in french.  "What?" you are most likely exclaiming if you are normal and accept the fact you speak english. 

That right folks. You've heard it here first. An oversized white button down is magical. 

It is able to transform in to AT LEAST  six different looks... 

The Ballet School Dropout :

Adding the large white button down to a very girly tutu and lace up heels gives the outfit a more casual effect. 

The Electric Wimbledon :

An all white outfit including sneakers and tubes socks usually suggests you're on your way to a tennis lesson. However, adding a large white button down, some fun accessories and an interesting pair of sneakers suggests otherwise.

The "I Need a White Button Down to Break up All this Leather" :

Does your mom tell you that you wear too much black? Might be time to add a large white button down!


The Suavest:

Who is the vest's best friend? Why the large white button down shirt, thats who!

The "I Need a White Button Down Shirt to Break up all this Denim":

Feeling like Britney spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs? Might be time to break up that denim with a polished white button down!

6. The "I Rolled out of Bed and Threw this On" :

Feeling a little lazy? The Oversized button down's got you covered! Just throw it on with a cute pair of shoes and maybe a scarf or two and you're good to go for the day!


While this magic may not be the type to bear gifts or grant wishes, it sure makes getting dressed in the morning easier. 

And, when you think about it, a little help is the best type of magic out there!

Until next time xx