Fourth of Jul(DI)y

Are you America? Because you just red, white and blue me away!  

Now that I have gotten the cheesy America joke out of the way, I would just like to say Happy Fourth of July! Summer has creeped up on us and its finally time to kick back, watch the fireworks and indulge in an excessive amount of Hamburgers and American flag cookies. 

But if you feel a sunburn coming on after sitting by the pool too long, I've put together a fun patriotic themed DIY to keep you occupied in the shade! 

Things you will need:

-A pair of inexpensive shoes with a nice shape

-White interior paint (usually can be found around the home; if not at any local hardware store)

-Acrylic Paints and brushes 

Step 1.  Create and Easy Clean up  

Put down a towel or newspaper to work on. Its best to wear clothing that you wont mind getting paint on!

Step 2. Begin to Paint the Shoes 

With the white interior paint, paint the shoes of your choice in two coats. 


Step 3. Let them dry

Pretty self explanatory.

Step 4.  Using shades of Red and Blue, begin to paint over the white coat.

The painting can be done in whatever method you chose. I decided to use tiny, rapid  brush strokes. 

Step 5. Clean up, let the shoes dry and enjoy!

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons