Red Beret

When I was 7, I had the privilege of going to Paris with my mom and cousins. Still young, I hadn't really developed my own personal style yet. Because of this, I would often copy what I saw around me in films, TV, books, and magazines. Wanting to bring home a wearable memento of my trip, I used my own money to buy a red beret. Though it was a pure cliché, I wore that beret around Paris like it I was the first person ever to do so. Too young to care about the local Parisians horrified looks, I paired the beret with an equally bright red jacket. 

In the sprit of my trip, I decided to dust off my old red beret and try it out once again. Pairing the beret with a shiny vintage dress, a white t-shirt, and metallic sandals, I had just as much fun dancing around the streets of New York City as I did doing the same thing ten years ago in Paris. 


Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons