That time I snuck into Fashion Week

As it is now early May and New York Fashion Week is long gone, I believe it is appropriate for me to finally confess my wrong doing.

It all began on the 18th of February 2015. Fashion week was coming to a close and I had yet to see a show. I felt like a little kid left out of the games on the playground. Nay, Leonardo Decaprio at the Oscars. Had they forgotten about me? Was I not worthy of an invite. 

Lets set the record straight, I didn't sneak into the fashion show. It was a rather a mere series of coincidences that led me to the front row of a Fashion show, without an invitation .  

As it goes, my good friend happens to have a had a dad who just so happens to have a friend who is a security guard. This security guard just so happened to be working the Erin Fetherston show and just so happened to look the other way as we slipped through into the show. 

And if one does not have an invitation, then they are not particularly required to sit in any one seat. So I figured why not snag a seat in the front row...

And since I was already there and there was no one particularly guarding backstage, why not slip back and meet the designer? It was only right. 


Until next time xx




Courtney Lyons