A Case For Men's Pants

"Why?" is the question I receive most frequently on the days I decide to adorn my legs with cloth meant to adorn legs filled with more testosterone than I will ever know. 

In other words, "Why are you wearing mens pants?"

Well my friends, if you must know, there is about 5 answers to that question. 


1. They're Uplifting

In more was than one. Because they are so large,  they quite literally have to be hoisted up past your belly button into the stratosphere in order for you not to trip over them.  But also, because they are so large and ill-fitting, they're bound to make you feel small. Therefore lifting you up mentally. 

2. Pockets!

The secret to why guys don't use purses is revealed! Pockets, pockets, glorious pockets! Men's pants have huge pockets! You can fit your wallet, keys, a phone, a sweater, a baby, your father, it never ends!

3. Mens Wear trend?

What better way to incorporate the menswear trend into your style than to actually wear mens clothing?

4. They're free?

Got a Dad? Brother? Boyfriend? Cousin? Mailman? Chances are they have pants that you can steal...

5. You get to...

...wear the pants.

*Cue the sarcastic drum*  

Until next time xx


Courtney Lyons